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What kind of questions can I create for the applicant screening quizzes?

There are three kinds of questions you may use in the applicant screening quizzes.

1. “Applicants select all that apply”

In this case, you pose a question and provide multiple responses for which the applicant is to select all answers that apply to his or her situation.

Example Question: Which of the following software applications have you had experience using?


B) MapInfo Professional


D) AutoCAD

E) Microstation

When building this question, you would define what you determine to be a correct or passing number of responses from a dropdown selector: 1 or more, 2 or more, 3 or more, 4 or more or 5 responses.
If for example you defined a correct answer as being “3 or more” responses selected, that means that any applicant that selects none, one or two responses will be marked as incorrect for this question.

2. “Applicants select one response”

In this case, you pose a question and provide multiple potential response for which the applicant may only select one response. You however, may select more than one correct or passing answer.

Example Question #1: What is your highest level of Education?

A) High School

B) Some Post Secondary

C) Post Secondary Degree (College or University)

D) Post Graduate Degree (PhD or Masters)

When building this kind of question, you may define as many “correct” responses as you would like. For instance, perhaps you are looking for applicants with Post Secondary Degrees or Post Graduate Degrees to fill your position. You may then set “C” and “D” as being “Set to Correct” so that either response is deemed correct and that applicants with responses “A” or “B” for this question are deemed incorrect.

Example Question #2: Do you have a valid driver’s license and your own car?

A) Yes

B) No

When building a yes/no type of question using “Applicants select one response,” make sure that you only select your desired answer to be “Set to Correct”. In this case one would select “Yes” as “Set to Correct” to help filter out those applicants that cannot perform an important function of the position.

3. "Open-Ended (Not Screened)"

Very simply, you may ask the applicant for a short, open text response to a direct question. This way you may learn more about your applicants in terms of creativity than can be measured with a multiple choice question.

Example Questions:
  • How would you deal with a problem regarding ____________ ?
  • If a customer called asking for ___________, how would you handle the situation?