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What is the difference between an Expiry Date and a Closing Date regarding a job posting?

An Expiry Date is shown in your Manage Job Postings screen.  Jobs run for 60 days, the expiry date is 61st day from the date you posted the job.  Once your job expires, you may renew it in the Manage Job Postings screen.

A Closing Date is a feature that allows you to list an application deadline in your posting. Once the deadline is passed and the job has closed, a red banner is displayed at the top of the posting to notify job seekers that the vacancy is closed and that the posting is for reference only.  If you choose to accept applications offsite or through GeographyJobs, the “Apply Now” button associated with your posting will be disabled once the Closing Date has elapsed.  You may re-open a closed job at anytime during your ad’s 60-day runtime by editing your posting.